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#1318 - 03/17/13 09:12 AM Astrological Submission????
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I am certainly not one to give much credence to the mystical or metaphysical, and I have generally relegated astrology to a position right next to fortune cookies. But will tell a story of how this opinion has changed:

I had invited a girlfriend to accompany me to a business Christmas party... and the obligatory answer to such an invitation is "But, I don't have anything to wear"... which leads to the dreaded shopping marathon. Well anyway, we found an upscale fashion location and the problem was solved. But three months later, I get a call on the phone... "Hi, this is Vicky, you know from the women's clothing store and Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I have something that your girlfriend would look great in ... and if you haven't bought her anything yet... ????"

So, Vicky, and this store became my main supplier for the next dozen years, through a series of girlfriends (and then Dominas) and even as I broke up and moved on, I would continue to give gifts to the ones that had been special and well, I found that at one particular time of year, I was buying more, and more gifts... for more and more past girlfriends. It became uncanny. The number became far greater than could ever be explained through random probability. Sure, I had girlfriends that did not fall into this single astrological sign and I had Owners as well that were spread in their Zodiac sign, but one particular sign stood well above the others. And it even was more refined that than, it was one particular part of the month within one sign!

Recently, I spent a weekend with a Domina who I had known for a while, but we never had really found much chemistry, but this particular weekend clicked and we laughted and partied and hit it off in a crazy way. On Sunday night we were having Dinner and I asked her when her birthday was and.... you guessed it....

Every alarm bell went off! .... I was immediately at DefCon 1. Launch the Combat Air Patrol... Launch the Jammers... Get the Hawkeye up in the air.... Incoming... Incoming... VAMPIRE... VAMPIRE... VAMPIRE...

So my question is... have any of you found there to be any such similiarity to the type of partner that you connect with? Is this something that you might consider when you are in the "courting/surrender/enslavement" phase? - S
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#1339 - 03/18/13 07:38 PM Re: Astrological Submission???? [Re: saherah]
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Hi, saherah-

Hmmm. I don't follow astrology, either (nor do I eat fortune cookies).
Haven't tracked stats of my play partners birthdays or years, although doing so calls out for charting and graphing, so I just may indulge in that bit of enjoyment.
Anyway, did notice awhile back that a huge portion of my oldest and closest friends were Sagitarians. Ha! I don't even to spell that word. As a first Deccan Aries, I should have just told someone to spell it for me. And fast!

-Ms Black


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