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#3266 - 05/31/14 12:19 PM Chastity.
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I guess I've gotten pretty heavily into chastity play lately. It snuck up on me I guess, and before I knew it I had several boys locked up and begging for release (they aren't going to get it until I'm no longer excited by the notion of denying them, so it could be awhile).

I'd be interested in hearing from those of you who enjoy chastity play, as either a boy with a locked-up cock or a Lady who's holding a key. What do you love about it? Hate about it? What are your favorite chastity games?

Do tell.

#3318 - 06/03/14 05:46 AM Re: Chastity. [Re: Miss Grey]
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Miss Grey ,

I have a very limited experience of chastity but even that was a pretty powerful experience.
The best thing about it ? I think the way it really amplifys feelings of submission and adoration for your Lady.I felt helpless but in a good way smile
Any sort of play while being denied is even more intense I felt .
Worst thing is waking up in the night feeling frustrated smile

So I suppose for me it was like pain , a love/hate kind of thing , lol.

But overall I just remember it being a pretty powerful headspace.

It was only 10 days , so it was really just a taste of what it's like I suppose . I'm no expert by any means smile Would be interesting to hear other people's experiences.



#3322 - 06/03/14 04:49 PM Re: Chastity. [Re: Jeeves]
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Thank you for replying, Jeeves. 10 days is quite a stretch for a first-time experience, so Bravo on that. I do enjoy the way that a locked cock has a way of rendering a man helpless and dependent on his Mistress, thus bending him to her will and increasing his desire to obey and please her. Once a woman has a taste of the power she has over a man when she denies him access to his member and she will be hooked on keeping it locked up...

Boys better be careful what they wish for! :-)

Any other stories out there?

Miss Grey

#3329 - 06/04/14 10:47 AM Re: Chastity. [Re: Miss Grey]
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I am not much of a traditional chastity player. I've had a couple of the plastic CB-x000 devices, and have worn them for a few days to a week at a time. My rather dispiriting experience with them was that they would be put on and then forgotten about by the Lady. There was little to no teasing or discussion, my genitalia was simply vanished into thick plastic, and that was that. I did not see that anyone derived much enjoyment from this style of "play;" I think it was a combination of misandry and absent-mindedness on these Ladies' parts.

I have also, however, had positive chastity experiences of a less traditional nature.

For one, I have a KTB device that we occasionally use for a few days at a time. The thing I like about this device is the pain. I'm not into bondage, I'm not into control, I'm into pain, and the KTB gives me that. My favorite is to have the KTB put on before a play session, so that my excitement causes me pain.

The other chastity experience is a device-less, long-distance, long-term one. One of the Ladies in my life had an accident that caused significant cognitive impairment (now mostly better). Once she recovered enough to even converse with me, we began to play a game.

The basic game is that I would masturbate each morning, and she would decide if I got to come or not. I would video the masturbation and send her the video. We're coming up on two years of this game, and we both still enjoy it immensely.

At the beginning, we had an interesting problem. Her cognitive impairment was such that she simply could not make decisions. Decided whether or not I got to come was stressful and impossible for her. We solved that problem by my collecting my photos of her, and then choosing one at random when I was ready to orgasm. If the photo chosen showed her smiling, I got to come. If not, I had to go without.

We started with a 1:1 ratio of smiles to non-smiles, but eventually worked it up to about 1:7, so I was getting to come about once a week, which seemed to work for us.

As she improved, we changed the game. I stopped using the pictures, and instead she got a bag of marbles. Each evening, she draws a marble and sends me a voice memo to tell me the marble's color. In the morning when I masturbate, I play the memo at the moment of truth, and learn my fate.

Now, she's nearly fully recovered, but we still play the marble game. She does not, however, always let the marbles decide; she takes an active role much of the time.

She credits our daily interaction over the game with helping her recovery, as it was a moment of routine and pleasure for her in what was a very chaotic time in her life.

So there you have it: Chastity as brain therapy. :-)



#3339 - 06/06/14 08:41 PM Re: Chastity. [Re: Étienne]
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Hi, Etienne-

Your post opening relates why I do not regularly participate in chastity play. Domme is to be attentive and involved in the process, which I cannot always be, for an extended period of time. It's not from not being uninterested or uncaring, just from having a rather full plate. It's not cool to drop off the face of the earth for a few days in midst of a chastity period and I could do just that in the middle of a big work project. Do it correctly or don't do it at all- scene related or not. So, my chastity play is really select.

Alas alas

#3980 - 10/09/14 04:32 PM Re: Chastity. [Re: Miss Grey]
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I love chastity play. It brings out surprisingly deep feelings of submission in those who are locked.

There is something VERY special about a true "24/7" bondage experience too! :-)


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