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#396 - 02/09/13 05:05 PM Rope bondage?
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Does rope bondage work for a one hour session, or does it just take too long to be worthwhile? Almost never, maybe never, has a domme put me in serious rope bondage during a session. It's always been leather cuffs. Just wondering if rope bondage is practical in a session.

#426 - 02/09/13 11:06 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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From what I've seen, yes, it can be but the skill level has to be quite high.

The "cat's paw" bond is fast and effective, and doesn't require the ends of the rope to be used. Even so, it's still not remotely as fast as leather cuffs.

The Domme would ideally be well-prepared too, e.g., the ropes are already attached to the bed, as opposed to being brought out of storage as the session begins.

And, certainly, rushing a session is an especially bad idea (safety-wise) if rope is involved. So, even a fast-roping Dominatrix would still allocate enough time to checking for enough space between the rope and the client, etc.

#469 - 02/10/13 02:21 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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I think "worthwhile" is a matter of your expectations combined with honest communication in advance. Somewhere there's a balance between the goals and interests you request in the session itself and the things one uses to 'get there' or reach those goals. When it comes to bondage elements compared to length of session, I think that is especially true.

I'm not much of a rope top, but I can speak to your question in a practical/session negotiation sense.

If one's main interest is in experiencing rope bondage, that can be accomplished by a skilled rope top within an hour. Likely one is not going to find themselves in an artistic shibari suspension but a hogtie or a simple upper body harness can happen with a domme who has the skill and experience to do that.

That said, good bondage does take time so I'm certain that if one hasn't prioritized rope in the session negotiation, you will find dommes often choose the "quicker affix" like leather straps and cuffs when the session is an hour long.

If it were me, my first question would be 'What do you hope to experience in addition to the rope bondage or is it only the rope bondage that is the goal?' Helping to tailor expectations and options/interests within the time agreed upon is part of a good negotiation. To me, it's a critical part of a bondage conversation. It would also clarify for both you and the dominant whether rope was practical in the session you desire and length you're seeking.

With bondage, I think one has to be very proactive in expressing their interests, trust the domme, and keep balanced expectations or it really may not be practical in a shorter session length.
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#490 - 02/10/13 05:52 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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i love love rope bondage and would love to learn how to tie and be tied up more. There's needs to be some more rope suspension photography i partake in.

Anyways as to your question, yes it's totally possible and many times early on in my sessioning career I would request it. But they've got to be skilled to be that quick and you'll most likely be in it for most of the session.

#523 - 02/11/13 12:56 AM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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Heavy bondage is by far one of My favorite activities. But, it can be tremendously time consuming (and draining). When someone specifies they want heavy bondage, I completely take My time & make sure they are in a position where they are fucked & there is no possible escape. But, when someone just states they are into bondage, I usually do a quicker position and focus on the other areas we have in common. When the session is only an hour, heavy bondage just isn't as possible or likely. If I notice someone is trying to struggle in their restraints and really enjoying it, I go back in and tweak the position. Without expressive body language or prior detailed communication, I think most Dommes would go for a quicker fix position.

Miss Maya Sinstress

#577 - 02/12/13 05:14 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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I can certainly use rope adequately for bondage in an hour's time. That said, for me to derive the full pleasure I enjoy from rope (the smell, the seemingly endless number of loops, the slow cinch...), I need more time. I can easily use the rope for simple restraint in such a short session--but why? If time is of the essence, cuffs are far superior.

If rope is a particular fetish, I think it's more elegant to afford it the time and space it deserves. If time is short it can be used, but not for heavy immobilizing bondage or complex ties; I would stick to a simple hogtie or wrist/ankle restraint.

All the best,
Miss Grey

#578 - 02/12/13 05:19 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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Yes, rope bondage is entirely possible to have happen in a one hour session. Is it worthwhile? Well, it depends on what you're looking for regarding rope bondage in a session. Is the rope bondage a main interest, or are you wanting to feel helpless in bondage while many other things are happening to you?

Like Mme Katorga mentioned, it's essential to discuss what you're looking for regarding this interest. I have been able to enjoy one hour predicament rope bondage sessions which had a few other activities incorporated in our times together. Since being in the stressful position for a while is key to successful predicament rope bondage, only one position was done to ensure the intensity of the predicament.

#4502 - 05/18/15 12:08 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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With rope work depending on the complexity of the tie can take a very long time. If your not doing this for photography reasons the you wont be to concerned with the knot and it shouldn't take too long as long as you know what your doing. Always remember to practice safe hangings!!
miss Spicy

#4985 - 09/14/16 05:18 PM Re: Rope bondage? [Re: Downlow]
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I agree with all of the above. It is doable, you just have to be honest about your expectations. I just did an hour session with rope bondage and cbt. He wanted to be bound tightly. He got what he wanted and enjoyed the session. Because I didn't have to worry about the look of the rope, I was able to give him the tightness he desired.


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