Lessons I learned As A Natural Born Real Femdom
I always considered myself a very Real Femdom. And I’ve always admired Women who were Dominant. I have now been living the Femdom lifestyle for 8 years. I’ve always believed a Femdom is an intelligent woman who knows herself and what she wants and, while she may be open to all sorts of life lessons, she makes her own decisions and doesn’t let anyone else control her. She knows the word “*****” really stands for:
I- In
C-Control of
H-Her life

You can take the girl out of the dungeon but you can’t take the dungeon out of the girl!

1. Non-vulnerable Intimacy
When submales would come for their first experience they usually have an idea in their heads of having this amazingly kinky experience, but would end up disappointed because of something that I had no control over. Its hard to communicate specifically what they want the first time, and have a hard time letting go of the initial discomfort and just let the scene happen. Its hard for first timers to really open up and let me take full control of there inner desires. Verbalizing this truth and what they really want would put him at risk of rejection or worse being humiliated and for some people its just to much. Believe it or not this happens more than you would think. To let people in, you have to let down your guard otherwise how will you ever fulfill your fantasies?
2. Definition of Femdom Sexuality
for a Real Femdom sex is about sensuality, games, control and loving! As a real Femdom this is less confusing as sex is usually not a part of the control factor. The lines that one can draw around sex are different for every individual which leaves room for it to evolve. This is especially true when it comes to unusual fetishes. I’ve had submissive’s who were completely satisfied by things most people wouldn’t even recognize as sexual at all. Some like, cleaning, watching me move my toes, walking in leather pants. Remember just like beauty sex lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Femdom Dominatrix
3. How to find a perfect Submissive Man
People are always asking me to confirm the stereotype of the types of men that choose to become submale slaves. They are High powered individuals, someone who needs a Real Femdom because they believe it’s their only release from stress in their daily alpha role. Now its true successful businessman make wonderful submissives, but they aren’t the only ones. Now, with Internet, I use femdom.dating to date people of different economic backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities, none of these things define ones kink. Ive had old and young, yes it is mostly older Slaves but thats only because they have had more time to become more comfortable with their sexuality and have less shame about it.
4. All Woman are someone’s wildest fantasy
bbw femdomNo matter if you are not a model, your submale will love you, he will worship your feet and body. Some guys who wanted petite little Femdom and then others who are looking for the Amazonian in size. Blondes, amputees, voluptuous, curvy girls…the list is endless.
The biggest mistake is that women feel that there is a limited idea of what men want and feel they must mold themselves into that person. What I was constantly reminding them was that sex appeal doesn’t come from a cookie cutter. It all starts with one unique thing, either something that they already possessed or something they will adapt in. Once they embraced this it was remarkable what they could do nothing was ever to far out of reach.
6. What is “Normal”?
You don’t have to be afraid to be a Femdom, you can be proud of being a B-I-T-C-H. FemDom can be practiced in many ways. But there are many in the BDSM world who believe that the lifestyle is only `Real Femdom´ when it is taken to the extreme.
For example, some believe that a `real Femdom´ should not care about her submissive, and that she should fully control not just sexual activity but the whole relationship, including finances. All D/s people are different, you just need to match the One…