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#4525 - 05/29/15 01:35 AM Re: "Personal Slave" [Re: kickable]
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Originally Posted By: kickable
My thoughts are this. In a professional session you are buying a service. Some pro-Dommes on the board might criticize me for this view. However, the session is a short-term commitment for money. Some Dommes say in their promotions that the session will be what she wants -- and it can be -- but it must also be what the sub wants if she desires return business. My fetish is ball-kicking. If I go to a session and don't get kicked in the balls, I'm not coming back.

A personal slave lives to fulfill the Domme's needs.

Definitely agree with all that. In a nutshell, session is ultimately about me, personal is ultimately about pleasing her.

Most of the time these needs will likely not include scene play, in my view, unless she needs someone to make a video or do a live performance. Because it's personal, she will know your desires, but it will be totally up to her whether or not to fulfill your desires. Clean the house. Do the lawn. Run errands. Do the marketing. Cook. Get on your knees and like it.

That's where my experience has been really different than your description. It is absolutely the case that our relationship is built on me pleasing her, with no expectation or entitlement to play time. That said, we have a lot of playtime/scene-play/etc., it's more intimate than typical scene/session play time, and it occurs not just by itself, but often weaved throughout many of our other interactions.

So, why is that? Why are we having this incredible scene play, even though we both agree our relationship is about me pleasing her, being attentive to her needs, making her life better and easier, truly devoting myself to her happiness, and that the only pleasure I'm allowed to expect is any pleasure I derive from performing my service to her? I think it's because, when she chose me as her personal slave (her first ever!), she did it because she already liked me, and spending so much time together, we now like each other even more. She loves playing with me for her own enjoyment, and it also clearly pleases her to please me.

Obviously every mistress and her personal slave have to figure out what dynamics work for them. But since I posted the original question, I've spoken to a decent number of slaves and mistresses, and the situation I describe seems pretty common.

#4606 - 06/09/15 04:40 AM Re: "Personal Slave" [Re: kickable]
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She's been banned. Every post was obvious shilling.
"I believe, the sting....proves me"

#5243 - 03/16/17 08:48 PM Re: "Personal Slave" [Re: Hudson]
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I realize this is an old thread, and these boards don't look particularly active, but I thought I would ask a question. Perhaps there will be someone to reply? In most situations, if a client becomes a personal slave of a pro dom, are there still professional sessions like before? I really enjoy professional sessions, and being able to request certain activities and fantasies, and I can't imagine giving that up. I suppose in my ideal scenario we would continue to have professional sessions, but also spend time together elsewhere, going on dates and doing fun things outside the dungeon, so to speak. I find having some mystery in professional sessions to be exciting. If I got to know a prodom outside of professional sessions, would that take away some of the mystery and detract from future pro sessions? A lot to think about!


#5248 - 03/20/17 12:19 AM Re: "Personal Slave" [Re: maximumgummi]
Ms Regan Black Offline

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Hi, mg-

Every personal relationship is different.
Some are closer, some not.
It's really how the Domme feels comfortable and wants to do it, along with how it works for you.

-Ms Black

#5261 - 03/22/17 05:45 PM Re: "Personal Slave" [Re: Hudson]
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I think the nice thing here is, there's no "personal slave rulebook" you have to follow smile If it works to also do sessions, I don't know why not. Even with my mistress, I have to imagine that if I said, "on top of everything I do for you, I'd also like to pay you $300 for a session", I don't see why she'd say no.

That said, I think you have one thing wrong. "Being able to request certain activities and fantasies"... I still do that ALL THE TIME. My mistress likes me -- hell, I"d say she adores me -- and she loves pleasing me for pleasing her. The difference, perhaps, is that with a session, if I ask her to do activity X, and that activity is within her limits, I pretty much know it will happen in session. AS her personal slave, I don't necessarily know when or if it will happen -- she might dangle it as a possible rewards for days or weeks of incredible service, she might tuck it away in her memory and pull it out whenever, she might do it RIGHT THERE AND THEN or later that night, she might make me earn with specific tasks... or, of course, she might not do it. Whatever serves her needs and amuses her (again, remembering that she likes me, and pleasing me sometimes serves her needs). There is something about having a lack of precise control over this, that makes it so much more amazing when (if) it DOES happen, than the same activity in session, that I'm not at all interested in arranging a session for that.

But really, the point is: of course you can still ask for things (if that's how your personal service manifests itself)... you just give up control as to when/how/whether they happen.

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