I just saw this movie this afternoon.

I thought it was fantastic and I think 93% of the people here will enjoy it.

First off, I noticed that my usual mega Regal which shows everything did not show this movie. Only a few theatres in my very metropolitan area showing it. I had to go to a smaller Regal, a new one, in a bit of an obscure place.

Being the afternoon, the theater was mostly deserted aside from myself, two couples ( with a definite kinky vibe ), and an Asian family with a small child.

The Asian family left 15 minutes into the movie. My guess is after they figured out it wasn't going to feature Wonder Woman and that it definitely was not for children.

My fear( and hope? ) is that the Gal Gadot movie will bring a lot of attention to this movie, though maybe not good attention.

I'm suppressing an urge to talk about all of the cool scenes in the movie, it only opened yesterday, and I do not want to spoil it for anyone.

It does NOT in the least shrink from exploring femdom, though I think most of us will find the sex & fetish scenes tame. It is a deeper movie about the characters and their conflicts.

Refreshingly, none of them are portrayed as emotionally damaged, as is the case in most femdom related movies. In fact all of the main characters are shown as capable, smart people who were brave enough to live in a way most of the world was ( and is still not ) ready for.

The focus of the conflicts though was more on the polymory and less on the femdom ( hiding from the neighbors,etc ).

The actors did an amazing job. Rebecca Hall did an Amazing job as the blazingly brilliant and human Elizabeth Marston. I felt for her conflicts the most as she ( as well as her husband, and their GF ) felt the pain the most of being so far ahead of the time she lived in and having had to settle for much less than what could have been. I'm sure there were many other people like her and her husband before them. Just given the nature of the current times I found myself emphasizing with the frustrations of seeing so much more as being possible, but seeing it all held back by people who are not ready.

Do yourself a favor, go see this movie while it is the theaters.
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