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#792 - 02/19/13 05:49 PM "I'm Melting! Melting! Oh what a world!"
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This wonderfully memorable quote I feel perfectly capsulates many Angelino's relationship to rain.

Now, make it "artificial rain" and part of a photoshoot and our Ombrophobia is completely cast aside, but the real stuff that falls out of the sky? HELL NO! While most of the country bundles up and gets on with their day we dive for cover, tucking our blown-out hair under the safety of designer caps or go for a spa treatment to "warm up".... Mind you, our "cold" rainy day is still a mere 53 degrees. wink

This horrid distaste of rain, is of course mostly found in those Angelinos who are "transplants" from other locations, (the NE, NW, MW, etc.) Mainly anywhere with frigid winters to places which are cold & damp 95% of the time, (Seattle pride right here!) It's these conditions which lead us to escape to the sunny sandy beaches of Southern California.

As much as I wish ALL of SoCal felt this way so we could boycott rain altogether; (*humor my wishful thinking here….) it's unfortunately not the case. Many Native Angelinos ADORE rain, to the point of becoming downright chipper when the skies are overcast and gloomy. This is where the flipside of the "transplant" system comes in.

If you travel to the NW often take some time to ask people where they're from. You'll find that a large number of people are actually from down here in LA. Even more entertaining is to ask them WHY they moved… 75% of the time it's because they were: "tired of it being 75 and sunny every day." <O.O> ????

Funnily enough, the rain effects not only traffic here, but our business too. Clients will cancel, phones go quiet, it's all across the board. Do you have any interesting phenomena's like this where you are?
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#809 - 02/20/13 12:40 AM Re: "I'm Melting! Melting! Oh what a world!" [Re: MsShaeFlanigan]
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Not quite the same as rain in Los Angeles, but in the Bay Area the earthquake can cause things to go a bit sideways. In general it isn't chipper but everyone is talking it up and often people will reschedule, I think out of concern that it's just the beginning.

Two brief side stories - I had one of my slaves ratchet strapped to my floating bondage board during a 5.6 earthquake. A few things fell off the shelves and boy did that frame sway.... but he didn't even notice. It's possible the 6 pieces from the erostek boxes buzzing at varied intervals had something to do with it? The other - I had someone in the dungeon for their first night of a multi-night prison experiment and we had the craziest thunder and lightening storm on record in the Bay Area. The flashes, bangs, and torrential rain added immensely to the foreboding energy of that scene!

But more to your point...
In Berlin, the first weeks of "real summer" or even a very sunny day in the midst of the winter's gloom causes the same 'all's quiet' feeling.

The year I left for Los Angeles from Seattle, was the year it rained 96 straight days in a row. It wasn't a baptist downpour daily but it was enough at that time. That wasn't the only reason but it helped catalyze the choice that I was already making. I lived in Los Angeles for 3 years. I absolutely love visiting, but it's not a place I'd enjoy living again.

(next time I'm in town for more than a minute or two, we should have lunch!)

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#839 - 02/21/13 06:55 PM Re: "I'm Melting! Melting! Oh what a world!" [Re: Mme Katorga]
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I remember that year in Seattle very well! I had never felt so much like a drowned river rat in my life! Nothing like the visual of commuter busses crammed full with sopping wet people & umbrellas were no good as the rain came at you sideways! Ugh.... Never again.

LA takes a while to get "used to". It took until my 4th year before I really started liking it here. Now, I happily live outside the city in my cute little home with my cute little pup and have a grand time going into SD or LA for work and events. I think it's about finding which part of the massive metropolis which is Southern California fits with your energy the best.

Sticking to the topic at hand, in case the doom and gloom rain weren't enough, that night we had a MASSIVE storm with huge thunder and lightning - the likes of which I hadn't seen since I lived in Eastern Washington. Only to wake up the next day and find snow in my back yard.

REALLY!?!?! SNOW? Apparently the Universe is bored or something....
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